Directed by Diane Russo. @ 2013 BMI.

Directed by Charis Shafer. @ 2013 BMI.

About Julia

On the verge of starting her next album, Brooklyn indie-folk-pop artist Julia Weldon instead found herself awaking from a coma after a gender affirming surgery. One year later after a fortunate recovery and songs to tell the story, the self-taught, nationally recognized musician went across the pond to England to record her new material with Drew Morgan (producer of Perfume Genius). As a follow-up to her critically acclaimed album, Light Is A Ghost, Weldon describes her new work as a contemplation of polarities: heartbreak and new love, connection and loss, life and death. Her reflections on mortality and feelings of being both "Cursed and Blessed," as one of her songs is titled, are especially present and poignant in her work post-coma. "Making this album was the most intense and formative creative experience I've ever had. Since Drew Morgan and I live an ocean apart, we made the most out of every hour we had while I was in England for two weeks. We approached each song as a new and unique soundworld, capturing the heartbeat and essence of that world and then arranging and building other musical parts from there. It was unprecedented and special, and I think that vulnerability will be heard on the final album," said Weldon. Weldon’s music has been featured in The Village Voice, Buzz Feed, Bitch Magazine, Autostraddle, AfterEllen, SheWired, The Advocate, Deli Magazine, and The Washington Post.

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